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Khush James, August 2012

“In short, studying under Mr. Gwynne’s guidance and direction has made me not only a better student and a more organised thinker and linguist, but it has also been utterly enjoyable; thoroughly learning accidence until I could do it in my sleep has a strangely satisfying effect, and when I read any text in Latin, it feels as if I am fulfilling my potential in a way that no guesswork can allow me to do. I learnt more Latin part-time with Mr. Gwynne than I did full-time in a year at school, and Mr. Gwynne promises the same effect to anyone who takes the time to thoroughly try out his methods and erase any bad habits that they may previously have learnt. Mr. Gwynne’s lessons have also been academically and personally enriching from a more all-round point of view as well, as not only are they lessons purely linguistic in nature, but he is always keen to offer well-informed opinions on topics ranging from classical philosophy to Einstein’s theories of relativity. If you want to enrich yourself, fulfill your potential and reach new heights of academia whilst having fun, I can recommend nobody higher than Mr. N. M. Gwynne.”

This is only one paragraph in a wonderfully well-written and interesting testimonial by a sixteen-year-old schoolboy. For the full testimonial, please visit, The information it gives is so important and illuminating that you may wish to print it out to read it at your leisure.


Mr. and Mrs. A. Wenham, April 2012

“In just over four weeks Henry has begun to understand and remember more Latin grammar and how to use it, than he had learnt at school in a whole year, with his Latin master commenting on the fact that his work is now of excellent quality. Because of this his confidence is growing daily. We are so very pleased! Many thanks.”


Sally Agarwal, October 2009

“Stanley is benefitting enormously from the Latin lessons. His school work is improving but, more importantly, so is his confidence.”


Tom Hodgkinson, March 2010

“Henry’s teacher said he was the best pupil she has had in ten years: ‘he listens, he concentrates, you tell him something, he learns it.’ So thanks to you for helping him to do those things.”


Dexter Ball, September 2011

“Mr. Gwynne has been the single biggest influence on our children’s education. I oftentimes refer to ‘The Gwynne Method’…”


Jonathan and Katy Barker, May 2012

“Nevile Gwynne has been teaching my two eldest children, Minna , aged twelve and Claude, aged nine, since September 2010. He teaches them Latin and English grammar, using old fashioned teaching methods, and they have both made tremendous progress. He has been instrumental in helping us to change our complete perspective with regard to our children’s education. We began by having early morning classes before school and we soon realized that our children were capable of so much more. Mr Gwynne requires our children to be punctual, to be smart, to sit up and pay attention. Tremendous care was taken in going back to the beginning and learning how to hold a pen correctly and how to form each letter correctly. He requires them to concentrate, to be methodical, and above all be accurate in all that they do. They soon realized that learning is serious business and that switching off was no longer an option. We have come to realize that in spite of the modern age one can live better by adopting many of these old fashioned methods.

“After several months of his tuition we decided to remove the children from their school and spend a year and a half home educating them. They will return to school in September 2012 as very different children with much improved prospects. Mr Gwynne’s strictly traditional teaching is wonderfully refreshing as well as effective and we cannot recommend his services highly enough.”


Dexter Ball, September 2011

“Mr. Gwynne has been the single biggest influence on our children’s education. I oftentimes refer to ‘The Gwynne Method’…”