Nevile Gwynne’s principal and most important website is

Nevile Gwynne prefers traditional methods of teaching, lamenting that English grammar is too often ignored in modern schools.

This website is still very much under construction, and subject to corrections and alterations of various kinds.

The main purpose of this website, and of its "sister" websites, is to offer to the public a number of articles written by Mr. N. Martin Gwynne over the years on subjects (a) which are obviously important ones, some of them extremely important, (b) on which the truth is little known, and in some cases almost entirely unknown, and (c) on which the truth can be identified for certain.


The articles which are being offered here (and at the other websites) have been put together during the last thirty years or so. The first ones going up are mostly the most recent ones. In each case, they are being looked at carefully again by the writer before being posted, and if necessary the original versions of them improved upon.


The writer would like to make it clear that his only interest, when examining any subject, is the truth -- the truth as demonstrated by valid reasoning backed up by unassailable evidence. He would welcome any comments, favourable or critical; and, in particular, any corrections offered would be very much welcomed. Yes, he is aware -- only too aware! -- that the overwhelming majority of modern philosophers, university philosophy courses, and so on, promote such notions as that ?truth is what is true to each individual", rather than objective and universal, that ?to thine own self be true" is the only reality in matters of morality, that ?beauty is in the eye of the beholder? rather than objective and subject to analysis, and so on. He maintains, however, that few people who promote these concepts pay much attention to them in practice, and that anyway the concepts in question are easily demonstrated to be false, and indeed that the first of them is actually self-refuting.

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